Arizona Abortion Rights Lost

Today, the Arizona Supreme Court decided 4-2 to take away the rights of Arizona women to have an abortion. The judges applied a law from the 19th century that prevented women from having an abortion. Arizona Abortion Rights Lost

With this new ban, no women in Arizona can have an abortion except for when their life is at risk.

It will turn patients who get one and doctors who perform one into criminals!

Imagine for a moment that a hospital decides to perform a medical treatment based on knowledge from over 100 years ago. Imagine that the doctors use surgical instruments and medications that have long expired. Would you trust such medical care? Would you let such law guide your health?

This is what the Arizona Supreme Court wants Arizona women to believe; that such expired thinking from over a century ago applies to today’s circumstances. The Arizona Supreme Court wants to apply abortion laws that are not in keeping with the advances of human rights, of abortion rights and of medical science. The Arizona Supreme Court wants women in Arizona to believe that this is better care for them!

Arizona Women Vote to take your rights back! Vote to protect your reproductive freedoms! Vote for your right to choose how to live your life!

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