Abortion Pill Safety

Abortion Pill Safety information

Abortion Pill Safety.

Segment from study published in National Library of Medicine.

 One of the most hazardous methods of terminating a pregnancy is the use of abortion pills of an unknown origin (bought on the internet) by a pregnant woman and inducing the abortion by herself at home without medical supervision or specialist care.

The consequences of such a practice can be fatal. As the number of illegal abortions increases, counterfeit medication abortifacients are becoming more widely available on the black market.

Considering that the concentration of active ingredients can vary dramatically between different fake abortion-inducing drugs, their illegal distribution can pose a significant public health problem.

Source: Molecules. 2022 Nov; 27(21): 7605. Published online 2022 Nov 6. doi: 10.3390/molecules27217605  Determination of Mifepristone (RU-486) and Its Metabolites in Maternal Blood Sample after Pharmacological Abortion


Our office, is a certified prescriber and dispenser of FDA approved Mifepristone and follows safety and risk mitigation guidelines for the abortion pill procedure.

We invite patients to choose safety for their abortion either by pill or surgery.

Our office services include:

  • A physician clinical evaluation and physical exam.
  • An expert ultrasound for gestational age and location of pregnancy (so we can exclude an ectopic pregnancy which is a life threatening condition)
  • An evaluation of potential risks including bleeding and infection to ensure a safe pregnancy termination.

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